non-nursing jobs for nurses

20 Excellent Non-Nursing Jobs for Nurses

One of the biggest perks of being in a dynamic profession like nursing is that you get endless options for professional development. It’s not necessary that you must ultimately become an APRN. If you want to move on from bedside nursing roles, there are so many non-nursing jobs for nurses to explore.  

What’s more, you aren’t the only one considering this change. A study by McKinsley & Co found that 32% of the surveyed RNs look forward to moving on from direct patientcare roles. So, if you’re thinking about making a career transition, here are 20 non-nursing jobs you might want to check out. 

1. Medical writer 

Medical writers are hired by companies and organizations to write journals, brochures, articles, and product manuals on medical topics. As these topics are usually focused on medical research or products, a background as a nurse can be especially advantageous for this role.  

2. Nutritionist 

Nutritionists work with clients to educate them about food and nutrition. They play a very important role when it comes to preventing deficiency diseases and addressing nutrition related issues. They can also work with clients long term, developing meal plans and helping them meet their health goals. 

3. Pharmaceutical sales representative 

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps are hired by companies to educate, promote and sell pharmaceutical products to clients. They also work with doctors and pharmacies to utilize sales tactics and meet sales targets. They can also perform an important role in gathering information about competitor products in the market.  

4. Medical claims analyst 

Medical Claims Analysts perform a variety of tasks ranging from investigating compensation claims to analysing medical bills for proper reimbursement while adhering to organizational and government policies. They communicate with hospitals, claimants, and employers to ensure that medical claims are settled accurately. 

5. Health informaticist 

Health Informaticists gather, store and analyse important patientcare data to ensure medical professionals can access it without hassle. They play an instrumental role when comes to streamlining workflow by allocating medical resources and coming up with efficient patient care solutions. 

6. Nurse case manager 

Nurse case managers act as a bridge between nurses and administration. They are responsible for allocating medical resources to ensure quality patient care. They contribute to treatment plans and assist with implementation. Their tasks can also include connecting patients with healthcare providers and scheduling appointments and follow-ups. 

7. Nurse researcher 

Nurse researchers conduct scientific research on illnesses and other aspects of healthcare to further medical research. They conduct surveys and publish the findings in medical journals and publications. Their efforts are key to devising better healthcare outcomes. 

8. Medical and health services manager 

These professionals oversee the operations of healthcare facilities. They develop goals for efficient delivery of quality healthcare services, while adhering to laws and regulations. Their authority can range from departments within facilities to entire facilities.   

9. Healthcare lobbyist 

Healthcare lobbyists play a big part in politically influencing the implementation of healthcare policies. They work with government officials about how potential programs can impact the healthcare scenario. Nurses who choose this path are in an excellent position to advocate for patient interests. 

10. Grant writer 

Grant writers draft and assemble grant proposals that can help individuals and organizations receive financial assistance. They can work with government organizations, corporations and non-profits.  

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11. Healthcare recruiter 

Healthcare recruiters work for hospitals or staffing agencies to find prospective employees. They advertise open positions to search for interested and qualified candidates and evaluate them for employment. 

12. Media script nurse 

If you have a knack for the limelight this might be just the path for you! Media scripts nurses act as consultants for medical drama, ad films, documentaries, and movies to make sure that there are no inaccuracies while filming medical scenarios.  

13. Medical laboratory technologist 

Medical laboratory techs analyze various bodily samples like blood, urine, tissues, spinal fluids and saliva. They perform tests and make reports to spot any potential cause of diseases. 

14. Respiratory therapist 

These allied health professionals work with doctors to administer respiratory support to people with breathing issues. They operate and manage various respiratory support equipment like ventilators. Their patients can range from infants to the elderly. 

15. Radiology technician 

Radiology techs specialize in diagnostic imaging like X-rays to create images of the body. They help doctors diagnose, treat and assess any anomalies like tumors and cysts inside the body. 

16. Health and fitness coach 

These professionals guide their clients to meet their fitness goals through exercise and nutrition. They motivate their clients to stick to their long-term objectives by staying consistent in their routines. 

17. Legal nurse consultant 

Legal nurse consultants work with attorneys to provide medical consultation on legal matters. Your knowledge and expertise as a nurse can come in handy for analyzing medical information with respect to malpractice or other healthcare cases. 

18. Nurse educator 

Nurse educators teach and train nursing students. They educate them on clinical skills, patient care methods, and other nursing skills. They also take part in clinical research, contributing academically to the healthcare community. 

19. Insurance assessment nurse 

Insurance assessment nurses assess patients and recommend insurance plans to patients according to the findings. They perform a significant role when it comes to educating patients about insurance procedures and helping them with insurance claims. 

20. Forensic nurse 

Forensic nurses work with law enforcement officers to gather, analyze and document evidence of crimes. They also provide compassionate care to victims of crime. At times, they may be required to testify in court on the basis of their expertise. 

Final thoughts 

Nursing hones your soft skills like empathy, communication, teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving that can be transferred onto other professions. What’s more, with your knowledge and expertise gained through nursing you can still continue to make a positive impact in the world.  

Whether it’s advocating for patient rights, contributing to public health initiatives, or educating people about health and wellness, you have the opportunity to use your skills and experience to cause meaningful impact beyond the bedside. 



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