It’s time to take control of your professional story and your future

Let Arya Muse help you drive career forward with a next-level resume professionally crafted with the power of AI

  • 1

    Massive amounts of resumes for every job being screened by machines.

  • 2

    Too general in a nature to target a specific role.

  • 3

    Doesn’t accurately showcase your professional identity

  • 4

    Lack of personalization


AI Recruiting tools are used by hiring teams everywhere in today’s digital marketplace to save time and resources.

But that also makes getting your resume in front of a hiring manager difficult, if not impossible without a little AI intervention of your own. That’s where Arya Muse Comes in.


You build an AI-enabled profile (or multiple profiles) based on your career goals. Arya Muse uses qualitative industry data and AI technology to create powerful resume that gets past the machine to be seen! The process couldn’t be similar


Sign up and Create your profile.


Upload or build your resume.


Muse helps in optimising your resume based on your skillset.


View and apply to matching jobs.

What you get

An ATS Friendly, Keyword optimised and downloadable resume
Key insights on your standing compared to peers in skills, salary, education.
Share any one of your profiles with complete confidentiality.
AI analytics to help you discover skills you may be missing.
Multiple profiles tailored to your specific job searches
Career Analysis and predictions for a various roles in your industry.

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