travel nursing interview questions
Top 5 Travel Nurse Interview Questions You Need to Know

In the post-pandemic era, the shortage of healthcare staff has been brought to the forefront. That’s why, travel nursing has emerged as an upcoming employment choice for many nurses. And considering the unique perks and how financially fulfilling this role is, many nurses who are passionate about travel actively pursue this as a career path. […]

nursing professional goals
4 Types of Commonly Asked Pediatric Nurse Interview Questions (with Examples)

Working with kids can be just as demanding as it is exciting. That’s why it’s important to figure out if a candidate is fit to be a pediatric nurse right from the start. While clinical skills do matter a lot, finding someone who genuinely enjoys working with children is just as important. That’s where interviews […]

non-nursing jobs for nurses
20 Excellent Non-Nursing Jobs for Nurses

One of the biggest perks of being in a dynamic profession like nursing is that you get endless options for professional development. It’s not necessary that you must ultimately become an APRN. If you want to move on from bedside nursing roles, there are so many non-nursing jobs for nurses to explore.   What’s more, […]

In-Demand Allied Health Jobs
Top 5 In-Demand Allied Health Jobs

If you’re considering a career in healthcare, one thing you won’t lack is the number of options. Even if you don’t want to go the traditional doctor/ nurse route, you can still be an integral part of the medical community. There are numerous other professionals whose efforts keep the healthcare sector running like a well-oiled […]

nursing informatics
Bridging Healthcare and Technology: A Guide to Nursing Informatics

Technology and healthcare are two of the most impactful fields of scientific development, acting as pillars and supplementing each other to contribute to an ever-progressing environment. But, while the digital age has made it impossible to not encounter technology, some of the most rudimentary levels of medicine have fallen behind in incorporating technology. From patient […]

nursing careers
Nursing Careers Outside the Hospital

The nursing profession is incredibly versatile. It has the potential to suit individuals with differing interests. Nurses are hired in a plenty of roles and are required to perform a variety  of duties in addition to caring for patients. As healthcare emergencies are fairly common, a lot of places also like to have a medical […]

nurses in media
Media Script Nurses: Nurses Behind the Big and Small Screens

Medical dramas and films abound the screens today and are one of the most popular sub-genres of visual entertainment. Shows like ‘House’, ‘Chicago Med’, ‘The Good Docter’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ have become fan-favourites and have aired on television for years. These long running shows owe the credit of their success to balancing medical knowledge with […]

psychiatric nursing
Psychiatric Nursing: Professional Care in Mental Health

Psychiatric mental health nurses (PMHNs) are registered nurses who are specially trained to ensure the mental wellbeing of patients. They form an important part of the medical personnel community specializing in mental health. A study published in Sage Journals records that they are the “second largest group of behavioral health professionals in the United States.” […]

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Tips for Transitioning to a Nursing Career

Switching jobs can be stressful. But a whole career change? Let’s not even begin with how overwhelming that can be! Nobody really wants to be stuck at a job they don’t like or a job they don’t find fulfilling anymore. So be it switching jobs, fields or even entire careers, it can be a necessary […]

Tips for Creating a Professional Resume for Nurses

Whether you’re a nursing student, a registered nurse or a specialized DNP, your resume can be a make-or-break component of your career trajectory! Your resume conveys your professional image even before you have the chance to interact with your potential employer. Your resume can help you stand out amidst thousands of applicants if its constructed […]