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Pediatric Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

If you’re considering the field of pediatric nursing or are already into it, it may have crossed your mind: “Do pediatric nurses make good money?”. Per Indeed[1], the average base salary of a pediatric nurse can range from $88,673 to $193,190 annually. Not bad. Actually, while excelling as a pediatric nurse practitioner would require you to have a passion for young patients, but to have a wholesome career, you cannot overlook pediatric nurse salary.

Fortunately, close to 70% of pediatric nurses report being satisfied with their salaries[1].

Average starting salary of a pediatric nurse

$27.13 / hour[2]
Median annual pediatric nurse salary

$134,328 / year[3]

Average pediatric nurse salary in California

$165,994 / year[4]
Average pediatric nurse salary in Texas

$112,138 / year[5]

Pediatric RN salary growth projection

@6% from 2022-2032[6]

It’s evident that, like several other nursing professions, pediatric nurse pay depends upon factors like location, experience, certification, and more. Also, since the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics does not have a specific report on pediatric nurse salaries, one has to dig around job sites, surveys, and other sources to paint a reliable picture of pediatric RN salary. In this U.S. Pediatric Nurse Salary Guide for 2024, you’ll find the same. We’ll also compare a pediatric registered nurse’s salary with other registered nurses’ salaries, and give expert tips on how to improve your pay as a pediatric nurse.

Pediatric Nurse Job in US

A pediatric nurse’s job involves taking care of the medical and growth needs of children generally aged above 1 year. These nurses work with various medical professionals to record patient histories, conduct diagnostic tests, administer medications, and develop care plans. ​​In the US, you can start your career as a pediatric nurse by earning an Associate or Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an accredited institution, focusing on pediatric coursework. They may also be referred to as pediatric RNs (Registered Nurses).

Typically, when working in a hospital, a pediatric nurse might have duties for 4 to 6 patients per shift. But the experts say to consider doubling the count because it’s not just the kids you’re looking after – it’s their parents as well. Outside their work setting, they are also looked up to for advocating for children’s rights and welfare which is a smart way to add to a pediatric nurse’s salary per hour. We’ll look into it towards the end of this guide; for now, let’s break down how the work hours reflect in a pediatric nurse’s wage.

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How much do Pediatric Nurses make in a year, month, and hour in the US in 2024

As mentioned earlier, different reports depict slightly different pictures of pediatric nurse salaries in the US, but here’s a reliable overview: A pediatric nurse’s pay range can have a lower end of approximately $37.98 per hour, equating to around $88,673 annually. On the other extreme, a pediatric nurse may earn around $82.75 per hour, totaling $168,464 annually. And, their average base salary comes out to be around $56.06 per hour or $130,884 annually.

Pediatric Nurse Salary

Per Hour Per Week Per Month Per Year
Lower end salary $37.98 $1,622 $6,278


Average base salary

$56.06 $2,395 $9,267 $130,884
Higher end salary $82.75 $3,535 $13,678



Note that the average hourly earnings for all employees in the US stand at $11.16 as of January 2024[7]; indicating that the average pediatric nurse salary per hour, at $56.06, is considerably higher.

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Average Pediatric Nurse Salary

Another way to interpret data on pediatric nurse salaries is to look at their distribution across percentiles. Because it offers a more nuanced understanding of how many pediatric nurses are earning what.

At the lower end, the 10th percentile earns under $64,863 annually, while the only top 10 percentile earns above $100,779; making the median salary of a pediatric nurse: $79,000 annually.


Average Pediatric RN Annual Salary









From these variations, one can also observe from the above tables that a pediatric nurse practitioner’s salary must have complex influence by factors such as experience, location, and specialization.

Pediatric Nurse Salary & Benefits Breakdown

In-hand salary is just a part of the remunerations for most professionals in the US. Likewise, in addition to their base salary, pediatric nurses benefit from various components that enhance their total income including employer’s contributions to retirement plans, comprehensive health insurance coverage, and other perks.

These additional remunerations add to the overall appeal of the pay package for pediatric nurses. Below we break them down further:

Core Compensation


% of Total

Base Salary

$79,00 71.%
Bonus $0


Value of Benefits


% of Total

Social Security

$6,044 5.5%
401K/403B $3,871



$1,264 1.2%
Healthcare $6,371



$3,318 3.0%
Time Off $10,027


Total Compensation




Other Common Benefits for Pediatric Nurses


Health Insurance Vision Insurance
403(b) Dental Insurance

Paid time off


Pediatric Nurse Salary by State

State-by-state pediatric nurse salaries vary widely. From as high as $150,781 in Nevada to a lower figure of $99,877 in Florida. The underlying factors stemming from the regions can be the cost of living, hiring demand, and long-term career prospects.


Pediatric Nurse Annual Salary Pediatric Nurse Hourly Wage
Alabama $99,980



$142,614 $68.56
Arizona $118,309



$110,403 $53.08
California $131,254



$126,162 $60.66
Connecticut $141,807



$125,867 $60.51
Florida $99,877



$116,302 $55.91
Hawaii $146,384



$113,108 $54.38
Illinois $131,317



$118,346 $56.90
Iowa $118,667



$125,303 $60.24
Kentucky $112,673



$102,079 $49.08
Maine $119,960



$127,655 $61.37




Michigan $120,626



$122,426 $58.86
Mississippi $130,407



$119,513 $57.46
Montana $113,503



$115,594 $55.57
Nevada $150,781


New Hampshire

$115,975 $55.76
New Jersey $124,892


New Mexico

$113,495 $54.57
New York $139,017


North Carolina

$110,876 $53.31
North Dakota $139,880



$113,614 $54.62
Oklahoma $121,199



$148,874 $71.57
Pennsylvania $116,320


Rhode Island

$140,617 $67.60
South Carolina $121,436


South Dakota

$139,986 $67.30
Tennessee $111,200



$116,675 $56.09
Utah $111,555



$124,446 $59.83
Virginia $127,566



$141,169 $67.87
West Virginia $100,228



$125,407 $60.29
Wyoming $118,966


Source: Ziprecruiter[9]

Arguably, among all the factors that impact a pediatric registered nurse’s salary, location stands out. We’ll see what other factors are there but before that let’s rank the state-wise pediatric nurse salary in the US.

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Top 10 highest-paying US states for pediatric nurses

Scanning the long list of state-wise salaries can be cumbersome so, we have filtered the top 10 highest-paying US states for pediatric nurses. Again, Nevada leading – with an annual salary of $150,781. Following close are Massachusetts, Oregon, and Hawaii – offering salaries exceeding $145,000.


State Annual Salary
1 Nevada



Massachusetts $149,001
3 Oregon



Hawaii $146,384
5 Alaska



Connecticut $141,807
7 Washington



Rhode Island $140,617
9 South Dakota



North Dakota


Source: Ziprecruiter[9]

Lowest-paying US States for Pediatric Nurses

From the same list above, among the lowest-paying states for pediatric nurse pay, Florida sits at the bottom with an annual average salary of $99,877. It’s followed by Alabama where the average pediatric nurse salary is below $100,000.


State Annual Salary
1 Florida



Alabama $99,980
3 West Virginia



Louisiana $102,079
5 Arkansas



North Carolina $110,876
7 Tennessee



Utah $111,555
9 Kentucky





Source: Ziprecruiter[9]

Highest Paying US Cities for Pediatric Nurses

If you’re looking to narrow down your search for the highest-paying regions for pediatric nurses, look at the typical high-paying cities for pediatric nurses. With $110/hour, Dallas, Texas comes on top. Another city considered a lucrative spot for pediatric nurses in the US is Los Angeles, California where one can make around $73.30 per hour.

City, State

Reported Pediatric Nurse Salary Per Hour
Dallas, TX

$110 per hour

Los Angeles, CA

$73.30 per hour
Atlanta, GA

$68.94 per hour

Phoenix, AZ

$67.96 per hour
Houston, TX

$65.10 per hour

New York, NY

$57.47 per hour
Brooklyn, NY

$56.84 per hour

Las Vegas, NV

$56.17 per hour
St. Louis, MO

$51.77 per hour


Popular employers for pediatric nurses and their offered salaries

It’s not just the actual remuneration that attracts pediatric nurses to a job; 57.5%[13] of them report that value employer recognition as well. So, once locking in the location, you can look across many job boards to find the right employer for you. Below we’ve listed some worth following not just for their typical offered salary for pediatric nurses but brand value as well.



Average Hourly

Pediatric Nurse Salary Offered



Palm Health Resources $105 per hour


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

$70.54 per hour 4.1
Northwell Health $66.91 per hour


GHR Healthcare

$58.88 per hour 3.9
UT Southwestern Medical Center $52.22 per hour


BJC HealthCare

$51.77 per hour 3.8

Ditmas Park Nursing & Rehab

$51.22 per hour


Pediatrix $51.10 per hour


Mt. Spokane Pediatrics

$48.55 per hour 3.2
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta $34.68 per hour



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Highest-Paying Pediatric Nurse Jobs

As someone starting out as a pediatric, they have various specializations to go for that suit their interest and change their earning potential. The same goes for mid-career pediatric nurses too. As a nurse anesthetist with pediatrics skills, you can make in the range of $163,870. And roles like Neonatal Nurses and Family Nurse Practitioners fetch salaries exceeding $130,000.


Jobs Related to

Pediatric Nurse


Annual Salary


Nurse Anesthetist with Pediatrics Skills $163,870
2 Neonatal Nurse



Family Nurse Practitioner $131,543
4 Nurse-Midwives



Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner $94,230
6 PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)



NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) $75,650
8 Nurse Educator with Pediatrics Skills



School Nursing $65,630
10 Registered Pediatrics Nurse


Sources: Ziprecuiter[3], BLS[6], and Salary[8]

We will discuss later in this guide the various ways to improve your salary as a pediatric nurse.

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Factors Influencing Pediatric Nurse Salaries

Location-based differences in pay rates

As mentioned earlier, location plays a critical role in determining the pediatric nurse salary in the US. We already have looked at how the 50 states of the US fare in this regard – the lower and upper end vary for as much as over $50,000[9] annually!

Per 2024 Ziprcuiter data[3] on pediatric nurse salary per month – when observed across the nation – the US West Coast and deep northern states seem to be higher-paying than their opposite ends.

Experience-based difference in pay rates

In general, like most professions, the fluctuation in average hourly salary among pediatric nurses is directly proportional to the years of experience in the field. The data on pediatric RN salaries reflect that their salaries increase with experience, peaking around 10-19 years before plateauing or slightly decreasing for those with over 20 years.

Years of Experience

Average Pediatric Nurse Hourly Salary

< 1 year


1-4 years


5-9 years

10-19 years


20+ years



Work setting-based difference in pay rates

There are a wide variety of work settings that require a pediatric nurse:

  • Hospitals
  • Private doctor offices
  • Community organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Community health clinics
  • Surgical centers
  • Social service agencies
  • Urgent care center
  • Schools
  • Retail healthcare service

Working for the government pays the most and is also preferred for job security. But, in general, the more intense the work setting, the higher the salary (both fixed and floating) like a hospital or surgical center setting. In fact, a report by BLS says that about 60% of nurses work in hospitals[3].

In contrast, pediatric nurses who work in a school setting – considered a rather quiet environment – comparatively make the least.

Work Setting

Typical Annual Salary Typical Hourly wage
Government Facilities $87,695


Hospitals; state, local, and private

$78,138 $38
Ambulatory healthcare services $74,737


Educational services

(state, local, and private)



*Source: IncredibleHealth[14]

Gender-based differences in pay rates

While unfortunate, but still a fact: there exists a significant wage gap between male and female pediatric nurses in the US.

The 2020 National Nursing Workforce Survey[11] revealed that within pediatrics alone, women on average make approximately 20% less than men in the same position.

Gender of the
Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric Nurse
Average Annual Gross Income




*Source: NNWS[11]

What’s even interesting to note is that if we go by the number of female and male nurses in the pediatric nursing profession, the differences are staggering: 93.5% v/s 2.9%[12].

Pediatric Nurse Salary Trajectory in 2024 in US

According to the data from various stats, including the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is an upward projection of nursing employment – with pediatric nursing being no exception. In fact, BLS forecasts a 6% uptick in RN jobs in the post-covid 19 decade of 2022 to 2032[6]. Some survey says that it can even surpass citing factors like pediatric RN jobs as a growing career trend, population growth, and increasing salaries across the board. Zippia[10] has observed that pediatric nurse salary increased by around 10% in the last five years (from 2019 to 2024).

One can infer from these findings that the trajectory of pediatric nurse salaries in the US appears promising, reflecting the high demand for nursing professionals.

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How to make the most as a Pediatric Nurse in the US


With all things equal, the higher the education level, the more the pediatric nurse pays. A Payscale[12] data suggests that pursuing higher education in pediatric nursing can potentially lead to increased earnings. Professionals with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in pediatrics can earn $94,000 yearly on average; while those with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) can start around $96,000 annually.

Education Level

Average Pediatric Nurse Salary
BSN in Pediatrics


MSN in Pediatrics



Getting an advanced degree in pediatric nursing can take years. A shorter way around for mid-level professionals is going for in-demand certifications. Three of the most popular certifications for pediatric nurses are:

  • Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN)
  • Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP)
  • Certified Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse (C-NIC)


Having a unique or in-demand specialty gives you leverage in negotiating salaries. For pediatric nurses, upskilling or specializing in a particular area, such as emergency room pediatrics, can provide you with better job opportunities.

Pediatric Nurse


Typical Impact on

Pediatric Nurse Salary

Medicine / Surgery

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

+ 6%
Acute Care





*Source: Payscale[12]


Being a travel nurse is a trend that has taken off among pediatric nurses for quite a while now, especially among the younger professionals. It not only is a great way to seek higher remunerations but also to live and explore different parts of the U.S. (and even abroad). Many also choose to travel in their initial career to get reputable employers on their resume – that they can cash in later.

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Management Roles

Gaining managerial experience or certifications can help pediatric nurses benefit financially and professionally. Alongside your usual responsibilities, you’ll be required to lead and mentor a team of RNs.

Employment Nature

  • Career Nurse: Pediatric nurses employed full-time by a healthcare facility, provide them job security but come with limited wiggle room for salary increase.
  • Per Diem: Pediatric nurses who work on an as-needed hourly basis; typically employed for a couple of days. You can enjoy flexibility but lack benefits like health insurance and paid time off.
  • Contract: Pediatric nurses hired for a specified duration or project like a travel nurse. This time can be for as little as four weeks to as long as six months. Salary is negotiated based on duration, skills, and experience.

Additional Compensation

  • Overtime: Nurses who work beyond the regular shift (typically 40 hours a week) time are entitled to overtime pay for every hour. Although pediatric nurse overtime pay differs by facility, it’s usually one and a half times the normal hourly pay.
  • Shift Differential: A shift differential is extra pay for working weekends, holidays, evenings, or night shifts. As a pediatric nurse volunteering for shift differentials can increase your take-home salary by a few additional dollars – that can add up over time.
  • Hazard Pay: Hazard pay provides additional compensation for nurses working in physically demanding or dangerous conditions like understaffed hospitals with COVID-19 patients. It’s mostly used to attract new hires.

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In conclusion, pediatric nursing offers a fulfilling career path with promising salaries and growing demands. While factors like location, education, and experience influence pediatric nurse salaries with the annual salaries averaging between $88,673 and $168,464[1] the pay is quite competitive. Plus, when coupled with the projected rise and the potential for advancement through further education, certifications, and specialization, pediatric nursing remains an attractive nursing discipline.

One can imagine the delicate and demanding aspect of the pediatric nurse job but the rewarding experience as well. So, if you are ready to take the challenge, join our community of like-minded nursing aspirants to stay on top of the job openings and tips.


What is the highest-paid pediatric nurse?

Pediatric nurses specializing in Nurse Anesthetists typically are the highest-paid ones; raking in around $163,870 annually[3].

Is becoming a pediatric nurse worth it?

Like most professions, it would depend upon your interest, skill, and efforts. But in terms of pediatric nurse salary, 70% of them report being satisfied. Make an informed decision by learning more about the role from our nursing community.

How much does a pediatric nurse earn in the USA?

It varies largely basis location, education and other factors, but the median has been reported around $134,328 / year.

What is the local salary for a pediatric nurse?

You can check out the state-wise or city-wise pediatric nurse salary above. To pick one for example, in Dallas, TX one can make $110 per hour as a pediatric nurse while the same is $51.77 per hour in in St. Louis, MO – so depending on the locality, pediatric nurse salaries vary widely.

How much does a pediatric nurse make per month?

Per an Indeed stat[1], a pediatric nurse’s monthly salary can range from $6,278 to $13,678.




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