Psychiatric Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

When we think of health, we typically tend to assess our physical well-being. However, one would agree that psychological health is equally important if not more. While the general awareness of it is increasing, the demand for psychiatric nurses also increases. So, if you are considering to pursue it or looking to upgrade or transition […]

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Wound Care Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

Some health issues creep in over time while others are sudden and need immediate attention. One such is getting hurt in an accident. When wounded, you not only need to be treated by a specialist doctor but also taken care of as you recover from it. Wound care nurses play this role (and more as […]

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cardiac nurse
Cardiac Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

One of the most vital involuntary organs in our body is the cardiovascular system. While we tend not to think about its action consciously, but when it needs attention, we cannot do without an expert’s intervention. Safe to say a Cardiac Nurse or Cardiology Nurse is a crucial member of any healthcare facility. And it […]

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ER nurse salary
ER Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

Everyone operating in the emergency room must keep an open mind and calm to handle whatever emergency comes next. The least of them are: Emergency Room Nurses or ER Nurses. For all the responsibility, stress, and vulnerability that they are put through, the feeling of a life is immeasurable. But the closest one can come […]

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or nurse salary
OR Nurse (Operating Room) Salary Guide – 2024

When we think of an operating room, we think of surgeons, but OR nurses make for a critical part of it as well. Given that, in general, professionally what you bring to the table (an OR table in this case), reflects what you make, the annual OR nurse salary range $101,575 – $181,952[1] says something […]

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crna salary
CRNA (Nurse Anesthetists) Salary Guide – 2024

Nurse anesthetists or CRNAs are considered in the top 5 best-paying professions in the USA[1]. The U.S. News reports that the average CRNA salary can be as high as $203,090 – if, with a Master’s degree. It’s almost 2.5 times more than the US national average salary (viz. $59,384 in Q4 of 2023[2]) – that […]

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oncology nurse salary
Oncology Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

An oncology nurse’s salary in the US can range from $94,494 to $161,377 – taking in the average base salary[1]. Alongside, an oncology rn benefits from several non-cash remunerations including 410(k) matching by their employer. With overtime, the oncology nurse salary per hour can increase by 2-3 fold (for every hour). So, if you’ve been […]

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pediatric nurse salary
Pediatric Nurse Salary Guide – 2024

If you’re considering the field of pediatric nursing or are already into it, it may have crossed your mind: “Do pediatric nurses make good money?”. Per Indeed[1], the average base salary of a pediatric nurse can range from $88,673 to $193,190 annually. Not bad. Actually, while excelling as a pediatric nurse practitioner would require you […]

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Ultrasound technician
Ultrasound Technician: Career and Guide

Who would have thought the back in the 19th century when the development of SONAR was initiated to study sound, that some hundred years down the line, the same technology would allow doctors to see the insides of the human body without any invasive procedures? Today, ultrasound technology has been adopted across the healthcare community […]

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Nursing Resume Skills
Nursing Resume Skills That Really Matter in 2024

Imagine a pile of nursing resumes on a hiring manager’s desk, each vying for attention. In such a scenario, what makes your resume stand out? As a nurse in 2024, it’s about highlighting the right mix of skills for nursing resume that resonates with the evolving healthcare sector needs. This article delves into the essential […]

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