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Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary Guide – 2024


While we Americans take pride in all honest-paying jobs, we’d still agree some wages are not reflective of the job’s values. Take for one the salary of Labor and Delivery Nurse (L&D Nurse). Their average ranges from about $92,000 to $168,000 yearly[1]. Values? – no range can capture.

Still, if you’re trying to break into or grow in this role, you would care to know: “Do Labor and Delivery Nurses make good money?”

Average starting salary of a Labor and Delivery Nurse

$44,840 annually[2]
Median Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary

$67,170 annually[2]

Average Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary in California

$151,500 annually[3]
Average salary for Labor and Delivery Nurse in NYC

$154,005 annually[4]

Average salary for Labor and Delivery Nurse in Texas

$111,560 annually[5]
Average salary for Labor and Delivery Nurse in Florida

$93,171 annually[6]

Well, 72% of Labor and Delivery Nurses think it is – based on an L&D Nurse survey[1]. But that’s the short answer to a subjective question. In reality, it would depend upon various factors impacting Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary in 2024 like location, experience, work-setting, etc. along with your own lifestyle choices. In this guide on US L&D Nurse salary, we’ll try to answer the former part, and also help you with tips to increase your salary potential as an L&D Nurse in the US.

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Labor and Delivery Nurse (L&D Nurse) Job in US

As the name suggests, Labor and Delivery Nurses help support pregnant women before, during, and after the childbirth process. They are also referred to as L&D Nurses in the US.

They are basically Registered Nurses (RNs) who work alongside obstetricians, gynecologists, or nurse midwives to ensure a safe and comfortable birthing experience. L&D Nurses typically work in delivery rooms, acute care centers, and birthing centers. Because of their intimate work setting, these nurses develop strong bonds with expectant mothers, offering personalized care and emotional support as well.

Hence, for many, their value and connection with their patients last beyond their paydays.

How much a Labor and Delivery Nurse make in a Year, Month, and Hour in the US in 2024

The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics does not specifically mention the wages of L&D Nurses so, we have to rely on other sources. Also, most job sites and anonymous submissions of Labor and Delivery Nurse Jobs would only give us differing views given the fact that Labor and Delivery Nurse salaries vary depending on a handful of factors (that we discuss later) including overtime.

With these in mind, we still observe that the hourly salary of L&D nurses can span in the neighborhood of $50 to $90. And, yearly they can expect around $125,000!

L&D Nurse Pay

Per Hour Per Week Per Month

Per Year

Lower end salary

$51.59 $1,697 $6,565


Average base salary

$69.53 $2,287 $8,849


Higher end salary

$93.72 $3,082 $11,928



Interestingly, the hourly earnings for all employees across the US averages to $11.16 in January of 2024[7]. Compared to this, the average hourly salary of $69.53 for the Labor and Delivery Nurse sounds pretty decent.

Average Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary

Sometimes the average of a data does not present a fair idea of the distribution of the data across minimum and maximum entries. May happen in the case of Labor and Delivery Nurse salaries as well. So, it’s wise to look at the percentile distribution of L&D Nurse salaries.


Average Annual Salary










Evidently, the top 10% of these Labor and Delivery Nurses make above $100,951 while the bottom 10% have to do within $66,754. Also, the 50% – value of $80,700 – gives us the median Labor and Delivery Nurse salary in the US.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary & Benefits Breakdown

In-hand wage for Labor and Delivery Nurse is not the only remuneration. There are various other components of their salary called non-cash compensation. Some are mandated by the law, like workers’ compensation, COBRA health coverage, and unemployment insurance. While other benefits – like paid sick days, 410(k) contribution, and periodic bonuses – are voluntary by institutions to attract and retain skilled staff.

It is worth noting that on average Labor and Delivery Nurses make $11,875 annually in overtime[1]. However, this figure fluctuates a lot given the conditions these nurses face during the duty.

Below we break down the salary components of a Labor and Delivery Nurse from two angles:

Labor and Delivery Nurse median salary breakdown based on HR-reported data

Core Compensation


% of Total

Base Salary

$80,700 72.0%
Bonus $0


Value of Benefits


% of Total
Social Security $6,174



$3,954 3.5%
Disability $1,291



$6,371 5.7%
Pension $3,389


Time Off



Total Compensation




Labor and Delivery Nurse average salary breakdown based on employer type

Component Private Industry State and
Local Government
Paid Leave $7,039 $8,429
Supplemental Pay $3,329 $1,109
Insurance $7,419 $12,976
Retirement and Savings $3,234 $13,752
Legally Required $7,229 $6,100
Total Benefits $28,251 $42,255
Average Annual Salary $66,870 $68,650
Total Compensation $95,121 $110,905


Other Common Benefits for Labor and Delivery Nurses

401(k) Employee stock purchase plan Paid sick time
401(k) matching Flexible schedule Paid time off
403(b) Flexible spending account Pet insurance
AD&D insurance Health insurance Prescription drug insurance
Adoption assistance Housing stipend Referral program
Continuing education credits License reimbursement Relocation assistance
Dental Insurance Life insurance Retirement plan
Disability insurance Loan forgiveness Travel reimbursement
Employee assistance program Loan repayment program Tuition reimbursement
Employee discount Paid housing Vision insurance


Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary by State

Again, while finding one true source of salary for Labor and Delivery Nurse is not possible, referring on typical data sets from reliable sources do give us idea about the typical salary by location and variations as well. Arguably, among the various factors influencing a Labor and Delivery Nurse’s compensation, location stands out as the most critical.

Throughout the United States, state-based pay variations for Labor and Delivery Nurses can fluctuate significantly: ranging from $75,050 in North Carolina to $102,641 in Massachusetts.


Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Alabama $78,078



$95,483 $45.91


$82,875 $39.84
Arkansas $82,646


California $89,192



$87,886 $42.25


$99,181 $47.68




Florida $75,352



$79,948 $38.44
Hawaii $100,678



$83,527 $40.16
Illinois $82,197



$82,343 $39.59
Iowa $90,891



$90,094 $43.31
Kentucky $84,334



$93,058 $44.74
Maine $83,140



$93,540 $44.97
Massachusetts $102,641



$82,445 $39.64
Minnesota $95,957



$84,427 $40.59
Missouri $87,106



$83,737 $40.26
Nebraska $91,951



$94,731 $45.54
New Hampshire $94,662


New Jersey

$100,604 $48.37
New Mexico $91,823


New York

$98,090 $47.16
North Carolina $75,050


North Dakota

$95,243 $45.79
Ohio $95,505



$85,461 $41.09
Oregon $91,204



$83,822 $40.30
Rhode Island $96,782


South Carolina

$88,071 $42.34
South Dakota $92,463



$96,208 $46.25
Texas $80,646



$93,728 $45.06
Vermont $89,007



$90,745 $43.63
Washington $98,431


West Virginia

$85,265 $40.99
Wisconsin $96,561


Wyoming $87,968


*Source: Ziprecuiter[10]

Top 10 Highest Paying US States for Labor and Delivery Nurses

Filtering the top 10 highest paying US states for labor and delivery nurses from the list above, we have Massachusetts leading – with an annual salary of $102,641. Following it, Hawaii and New Jersey offering salaries exceeding $100,000, are also considered the highest payers for Labor and Delivery Nurses.



Annual Salary


Massachusetts $102,641
2 Hawaii



New Jersey $100,604
4 Connecticut



Washington $98,431
6 New York



Rhode Island $96,782
8 Wisconsin



Tennessee $96,208
10 Minnesota


*Source: Ziprecuiter[10]

Lowest Paying US States for Labor and Delivery Nurses

Among the lower-paying states for Labor and Delivery Nurses, North Carolina sits at the bottom with annual average salary of $75,050. It’s followed by Florida, Alabama, and Georgia paying salaries below $80,000 to L&D Nurses.


State Annual Salary
1 North Carolina



Florida $75,352
3 Alabama



Georgia $79,948
5 Texas



Illinois $82,197
7 Indiana



Michigan $82,445
9 Arkansas





*Source: Ziprecuiter[10]

Top 10 Highest Paying US Cities for Labor and Delivery Nurses

Zooming in further in terms of location, let’s look at the typical high-paying cities for Labor and Delivery Nurses: with $218,964, Panorama City, CA, comes on top. Following right after Bronx in New York is also one of the most lucrative places for Labor and Delivery Nurses.


City Average Annual Salary
1 Panorama City, CA



Bronx, NY $168,504
3 Bridgeport, CT



West Palm Beach, FL $128,829
5 Milwaukee, WI



Kansas City, KS $115,259
7 Silver Spring, MD



Charlotte, NC $110,891
9 San Diego, CA



Las Vegas, NV


*Source: Ziprecuiter[1]

Lowest Paying US Cities for Labor and Delivery Nurses

It’s not just helpful to know the high-paying cities because neither of them may be feasible for you for personal reasons. It’s also important to consider the lowest-paying cities so you don’t end up with the worst end of the deal either. Huntsville, AL, offers the lowest average annual salary at $49,200, followed closely by Wichita, KS, and Fort Wayne, IN, with salaries around $50,000.


City Average Annual Salary
1 Huntsville, AL



Wichita, KS $49,930
3 Fort Wayne, IN



Des Moines, IA $53,850


Lexington, KY


6 Columbus, GA



Baton Rouge, LA $54,700
8 Louisville, KY



Corpus Christi, TX $55,850
10 Orlando, FL


Popular Employers for Labor and Delivery Nurses and Their Offered Salaries

While you can find Labor and Delivery Nurse jobs on various job sites, but there are some employers worth keeping an eye out on for their high remuneration offered.


Typically Offered Annual Salary
Cross Country Nurses


GHR Healthcare

Fusion Medical Staffing



Prime Healthcare Services



CareerStaff Unlimited


Baylor Scott & White Health

CommonSpirit Health Mountain Region


Vivian Health


*Source: Glassdoor[11]

Salaries of Nursing Jobs Related to L&D Nurses

We’ve briefly seen earlier the role of Labor and Delivery Nurses; but the L&D Nurse is not the only profession with same tasks and responsibilities. There are other similar roles like nurse midwife, neonatal nurse, and OB nurse have varying salary ranges.


Yearly Salary Range
Nurse Midwife

$97,183 – $144,144

Neonatal Nurse

$32,000 – $136,500
OB Nurse

$62,808 – $95,005

Postpartum Nurse

$62,243 – $94,150


Factors Influencing Labor and Delivery Nurse Salaries

Location-based differences in pay rates

Salaries fluctuate dramatically depending on location, and state-by-state data reveals the stark reality. Even within high-paying cities, there’s a substantial gap – think Oakland, CA’s whopping $125,260 compared to Orlando, FL’s $56,520. But location doesn’t just affect your income; it also dictates the Government regulations for stipends, overtime, bonuses etc. – adding another layer to your decision-making process.

Experience-based difference in pay rates

In general, your salary as a Labor and Delivery Nurse increases as you gain more experience in the field. While starting out it can be on average of $26.89[12] but over the years shoots up to $39 and more.

Years of Experience

Average Hourly Salary
< 1 year


1-4 years

5-9 years


10-19 years

20+ years



Work setting-based difference in pay rates

As one would guess, Labor and Delivery Nurses primarily work within hospitals’ labor and delivery units. However, other popular work settings for them include both private clinics and birthing centers. There are also several L&D Nurses hired for in-home settings.

Typically, those employed in hospitals tend to earn the highest salaries and benefits.

Regardless of the setting, these nurses can supplement their earnings through overtime, shift differential pay, and volunteering as there is a constant demand for them across the year – at all hours!

Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary Trajectory in 2024 in US

While it’s hard to put an exact number, the salary projection of Labor and Delivery Nurse in the US can be derived from the demand of it. We know that back in 2022, the fertility rate in the US increased by 6% from 2021[13], and the trend appears to continue.

Safe to say, the demand for Labor and Delivery Nurses remains robust due to sustained birth rates, ensuring continued job stability. The positive trend is further reflected in the upward trend of Labor and Delivery Nurse salaries have seen consistent growth, even in states traditionally offering lower wages.

How to make the most as a Labor and Delivery Nurse in the US

Advance Education

By advancing your education, you can significantly boost your earnings as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Some popular learning paths for L&D Nurses are:

  • Certified Nurse-Midwife
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Earn Certifications

Specialty certifications such as those in obstetric and neonatal quality and safety or holistic nursing further demonstrate proficiency and value, correlating with higher salaries.

Top Certifications for L&D Nurse

Potential Increase in Salary
Fetal Monitoring Certification


BLS Certification

AHA Certification


PALS Certification



You can also participate in programs like the S.T.A.B.L.E. for infant stabilization and training provided by organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Consider Traveling

If you are geographically flexible, you can consider travel nurse roles for Labor and Delivery. They are typically deployed by staffing agencies and often command higher pay rates than their staff counterparts, although they may not receive benefits.

It’s noteworthy that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities 2-3 times the normal rate as crisis pay to incentivize travel L&D Nurses.

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Quick Actionables

While the above-suggested tips should help you but will take months to years to convert into an increase in salary in your Labor and Delivery Nurse career. There are some quick hacks that you look into for low-hanging fruits:

  • Overtime: The Labor and Delivery Nurses who volunteer for overtime – generally, working over 40 hours a week or over 12 hours in a 24 hour period – can often make 1.5 to 3 times the normal hourly wage. As mentioned earlier, the average overtime income of Labor and Delivery Nurses are $11,875[1].
  • Shift Differential: Since childbirth continues all hours of all day, there is always need for skilled Labor and Delivery Nurses across weekends, holidays, evenings, or night shifts. As your schedule and lifestyle allow, take up these uncommon shifts to add a few additional dollars.
  • Hazard Pay: For an L&D Nurse setting, a hazardous condition would mean working in an understaffed hospital and emergencies like COVID-19. Volunteering for such settings comes with the incentive of higher pay for Labor and Delivery Nurses.

Last but not least, negotiation – goes without saying. As a fresh out-of-college nurse, you may not have much wiggle room to negotiate your salary. But someone with a handful of years on their resume should go about setting salary expectations clear right from the job application process especially if the hiring employers are struggling to find Labor and Delivery Nurses.

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Trekking the landscape of Labor and Delivery Nurse salaries involves understanding all the factors that influence it such as location, experience, and employer type. While the average salary provides a good benchmark, individual circumstances and additional benefits play a significant role in determining overall compensation. Fortunately, as we move forward into 2024, the projections for Labor and Delivery Nurse salaries appear promising; that can always be further improved by advanced education, certifications, and travel assignments. Additionally, we also hope you can make the most of your L&D Nurse opportunities, with quick opportunities like overtime, shift differential, and hazard pay. If you still have questions like “How to know if I am paid fairly as a Labor and Delivery Nurse?” – we highly recommend joining our community of Labor and Delivery Nurse professionals and others to stay informed, connect with peers, and continue your career growth.

Lastly, remember, your worth as a Labor and Delivery Nurse extends beyond just salary figures. Your skill and dedication contribute immensely to the well-being of mothers and newborns every day.



How much does a Labor and Delivery Nurse earn in the USA?

In the US, Labor and Delivery Nurses earn a median salary of $67,170 annually[2], varying by factors such as experience and location.

Where do Labor and Delivery Nurses get paid the most?

In general, hospital settings tend to offer the highest pay to Labor and Delivery Nurses.

How much do Labor and Delivery Nurses make in New York?

Salaries for Labor and Delivery Nurses in New York is $85.71/hour on average.

What are the benefits to 12-hour shifts for Labor and Delivery Nurses?

12-hour shifts offer Labor and Delivery Nurses mean overtime pay as the typical working period is 8-hour shifts.

Are Labor and Delivery Nurses paid mostly hourly or annually?

Labor and Delivery Nurses are usually paid hourly rather than annually. And, the hourly rates have potential for overtime as well.

Do Labor and Delivery Nurses get paid overtime?

Yes, Labor and Delivery Nurses are eligible for overtime pay for extra hours worked. In fact, they are known to work overtime and can make an average of $11,875 annually[1]!

Do Labor and Delivery Nurses get paid more privately or in hospitals?

Hospitals generally provide higher pay for Labor and Delivery Nurses compared to private facilities.

Can you live off a Labor and Delivery Nurse’s salary in the USA?

This would majorly depend upon the location and lifestyle of the person. That said, it’s worth noting that 72% of Labor and Delivery Nurses report being satisfied with their salary[1].

What certifications can help increase a Labor and Delivery Nurse’s salary?

Certifications such as inpatient obstetric nursing and neonatal resuscitation can enhance the earnings of Labor and Delivery Nurses.




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