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CRNA (Nurse Anesthetists) Salary Guide – 2024

Nurse anesthetists or CRNAs are considered in the top 5 best-paying professions in the USA[1]. The U.S. News reports that the average CRNA salary can be as high as $203,090 – if, with a Master’s degree. It’s almost 2.5 times more than the US national average salary (viz. $59,384 in Q4 of 2023[2]) – that should calm all those concerned with “How much is a Nurse Anesthetist paid in US?”. Well, looking at the same report, it’s evident that a CRNA is the highest-paid nursing job in the US.

Average nurse anesthetist (CRNA) starting salary $133,720 per year
Median annual CRNA salary $192,584 per year
CRNA salary potential in the next 5 years (by 2029) $219,384 per year

*source: SalaryExpert[3]

Now, interestingly one report by indeed[4] suggests that 88% of CRNAs consider their salaries good enough given the area they live in. While, per a Medscape survey[5], 68% of CRNAs feel being fairly compensated. This difference in percentages points to two inconvenient but inevitable facts. First, that it’s difficult to select one true source of updated resources on CRNA salaries in US (even the U.S. BLS latest report is from 2022[6]). Secondly, there are various factors that will play a role in deciding a CRNA salary – and location is plausibly the most critical of all.

With that knowledge, this guide on CRNA salary or Nurse Anesthetists salary in 2024 paints the full picture of their salary landscape in the US. We have collated salary stats of CRNA from various reliable sources and also compared them with other nurse salaries. Further, if you are deciding on whether to choose CRNA career or not basis CRNA’s earning potential, this guide should help you see CRNA’s early-career salary v/s CRNA school fee, popular employers for CRNA, and CRNA salary projections.

But let’s start with the set of the most critical stats on CRNA salary – their earning potential in locations where they are most in demand in the US.

CRNA Salary in In-demand US States

We saw from the CRNA salary satisfaction rate difference earlier that geography plays a significant role in its fluctuation across the US. We’ll dive deeper into it in the “CRNA Salary by State” section. Below, is a bird’s eye view of the most in-demand US locations (states or cities) for CRNA and their average reported offerings.

Region Lower End of Annual Salary Average CRNA Annual Salary Upper End of Annual Salary
CRNA Salary in California $187,459 per year $253,778 per year $343,558 per year
CRNA salary in New York $187,677 per year $243,841 per year $316,812 per year
CRNA Salary in Florida $174,819 per year $220,000 per year $276,858 per year
CRNA Salary in Texas $173,482 per year $234,341 per year $316,552 per year
CRNA Salary in Nashville, TN $164,760 per year $247,018 per year $370,344 per year
CRNA Salary Michigan $135,625 per year $191,819 per year $271,297 per year
CRNA Salary in Ohio $155,285 per year $217,986 per year $306,005 per year
CRNA salary in Houston, TX $166,473 per year $222,393 per year $297,098 per year
CRNA Salary in Georgia $133,162 per year $193,671 per year $281,677 per year
CRNA salary in Chicago, IL $93,057 per year $169,461 per year $308,597 per year

*source: indeed[4]

To browse the top-paying CRNA nurse jobs across the US, join our nursing professional community now.

Now, before we see more salary breakdowns, we should clarify the interchangeable usage of the terms CRNA and Nurse Anesthetists – what their job entails, how to get started, and the salary expectations.

CRNA Job in US

First off, Nurse Anesthetists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are essentially the same – they are advanced practice nurses with specialized training in anesthesia during surgeries and medical procedures. We’ll be using the term CRNA mostly because that’s how they are generally referred to in the medical community.

As for their job responsibilities, a CRNA assesses patient health and history to determine appropriate anesthesia types and quantities. Further, once the patient is under anesthesia, they closely monitor vital signs throughout procedures, making adjustments as necessary. Their work environments – usually a high-stress one – range from large medical centers to rural areas and the military, demonstrating their adaptability and versatility in meeting healthcare needs. Job satisfaction among CRNAs is high, with a rating of 4.1 out of 5[7]. So, beyond clinical settings, CRNAs are known to use their skills and knowledge to pursue careers in teaching, research, and administrative roles.

Salaries vary based on experience, with entry-level CRNAs earning around $133,720 and senior-level professionals averaging $244,590 annually[3].

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How much do CRNAs Make in a Year, Month, and Hour in the US in 2024

A CRNA salary is subject to a handful of factors and that makes pin-pointing the figure impractical. However, according to data sourced from prominent job platforms, we can get a good enough estimate. On the lower end of the scale, these nurse anesthetists may earn roughly $118 per hour, equating to an annual income of approximately $163,019. The upper end – a rate of $236 per hour, or $326,709 annually. And, the average annual salary of CRNAs can be about $167 per hour or $230,781 annually.

CRNA Salary Per Hour Per Week Per Month Per Year
Lower end salary $118 $2,983 $11,542 $163,019
Average base salary $167 $4,223 $16,340 $230,781
Higher end salary $236 $5,978 $23,132 $326,709

*source: indeed[4]

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Median CRNA Salary

While averages are good indicators in most cases, given the variety of factors skewing the CRNA salary stats, examining the salary distribution in terms of percentiles provides a more nuanced perspective.

Percentile CRNA Annual Salary
10% $185,927 per year
25% $199,490 per year
50% $214,388 per year
75% $231,574 per year
90% $247,220 per year

*source: Salary[8]

Salary-wise, the bottom 10% of all the CRNA professionals earn less than $185,927 annually, while for the upper 10%, the salary exceeds $247,220. The median salary of a CRNA is $214,388 per year – this is the amount most CRNAs make across the US.

CRNA Salary Components and Taxes

The salary components of a CRNA consist of both cash payouts and non-cash benefits. While the cash part is rather easy to quantify, the latter aspect – depending on the employer – can range from employer contributions to 401(k) plans, social security, time off, and even supplemental pay. It’s noteworthy that if you are employed by a government entity, whether state or federal, your salary package is likely to differ from those in the private sector.

Median CRNA Compensation Breakdown

Core Compensation of CRNA
Median % of Total
Base Salary $214,023 75.2%
Bonus $366 0.1%
Value of Benefits for CRNA
Median % of Total
Social Security $13,562 4.8%
401K/403B $10,505 3.7%
Disability $3,430 1.2%
Healthcare $6,371 2.2%
Pension $9,004 3.2%
Time Off $27,211 9.6%
Total Compensation $284,471 100%

*source: Salary[8]

CRNA Compensation Breakdown in the Government Sector

Compensation Component Salary Compensation %
Wages and Salaries $211,530 61.90%
Total Benefits $130,199 38.10%
Paid leave $25,971 7.60%
Supplemental Pay $3,417 1.00%
Insurance $39,982 11.70%
Retirement and Savings $42,374 12.40%
Legally required $18,795 5.50%
Total Compensation $341,729 100.00%

*source: latest updated data from U.S. BLS[6]

Common Benefits for CRNAs

Continuing education credits Loan forgiveness Relocation assistance
Dental Insurance Loan repayment program Retirement plan
Disability insurance Malpractice insurance Travel reimbursement
Flexible schedule Opportunities for advancement Tuition reimbursement
Flexible spending account Paid housing Vision insurance
Health insurance Paid sick time 401(k)
Health savings account Paid time off 401(k) matching
Housing stipend Profit sharing 403(b)
Life insurance Referral program

*source: indeed[4]

Taxes on CRNA Salaries in the US

There are two types of employment as CRNA, and your tax implications will be different depending on how you are paid by your company or hospital – payroll /W2 employee or contractor. If you pick up gig work as a W-2 employee, you would be responsible for both W-2 and 1099 forms and the taxes for each.

Moreover, The taxes on a nurse anesthetist’s salary would vary depending on the region as well. For California, the average tax rate would be 27.3%, while the marginal tax rate would be 39.6%.

To understand tax deductions for a CRNA in simple terms, let’s assume you earned $100,000 annually in California, USA. With this income, your tax liability would be approximately $27,306 leaving you with $72,694 yearly, or $6,058 monthly – in hand.

CRNA Salary by State

Now, coming to the central stats of CRNA salary – the state-by-state variations. Dissecting the salary difference for CRNAs across the 50 states of the US – the lower and upper end vary for as much as over $60,650[6] annually. They peak at $246,510 annually in California and drop to as low as $185,860 per year in Colorado.

State Hourly






Alabama $91.92 $15,930 $191,200
Arizona $86.41 $14,980 $179,730
California $118.52 $20,540 $246,510
Colorado $89.36 $15,490 $185,860
Connecticut $115.66 $20,050 $240,580
Delaware $95.23 $16,510 $198,070
Florida $83.84 $14,530 $174,390
Georgia $91.73 $15,900 $190,800
Idaho $87.07 $15,090 $181,110
Illinois $114.64 $19,870 $238,440
Indiana $105.78 $18,340 $220,020
Iowa $101.45 $17,580 $211,010
Kansas $81.45 $14,120 $169,410
Kentucky $113.10 $19,610 $235,260
Louisiana $86.12 $14,930 $179,140
Maine $103.33 $17,910 $214,930
Maryland $87.84 $15,230 $182,710
Massachusetts $98.41 $17,060 $204,690
Michigan $96.00 $16,640 $199,690
Minnesota $106.99 $18,550 $222,540
Mississippi $88.65 $15,370 $184,390
Missouri $98.65 $17,100 $205,190
Montana $97.81 $16,950 $203,430
Nebraska $108.46 $18,800 $225,590
New Hampshire $103.83 $18,000 $215,970
New Jersey $111.84 $19,390 $232,630
New Mexico $103.48 $17,940 $215,240
New York $114.77 $19,890 $238,710
North Carolina $103.24 $17,900 $214,740
North Dakota $115.00 $19,930 $239,200
Ohio $95.01 $16,470 $197,630
Oklahoma $80.99 $14,040 $168,470
Oregon $99.00 $17,160 $205,920
Pennsylvania $97.89 $16,970 $203,620
South Carolina $94.15 $16,320 $195,840
South Dakota $107.31 $18,600 $223,200
Tennessee $83.74 $14,510 $174,170
Texas $100.45 $17,410 $208,940
Vermont $109.96 $19,060 $228,710
Virginia $103.62 $17,960 $215,530
Washington $107.03 $18,550 $222,610
West Virginia $110.30 $19,120 $229,430
Wisconsin $110.71 $19,190 $230,270
Wyoming $98.69 $17,110 $205,270

*source: latest updated data from U.S. BLS[6]

Scanning the long list of state-wise nurse anesthetist salaries to find the best location for you can be overwhelming. Hence, we’ve curated the top 10 highest-paying states and lowest-paying states for CRNAs below. However, it is not to indicate that the highest-paying ones are the most economical choice necessarily. While making your decision, do take into account the living costs, job opportunities, and personal preference to guesstimate your earnings v/s expense.

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Top 10 highest-paying US states for CRNAs

Among the top-10 list of best-paying states for CRNAs, California leads with an annual salary of $246,510 on average. Right behind are Connecticut, and North Dakota – offering salaries above $240,000.

# State Annual CRNA Salary
1 California $246,510 per year
2 Connecticut $240,580 per year
3 North Dakota $239,200 per year
4 New York $238,710 per year
5 Illinois $238,440 per year
6 Kentucky $235,260 per year
7 New Jersey $232,630 per year
8 Wisconsin $230,270 per year
9 West Virginia $229,430 per year
10 Vermont $228,710 per year

*source: latest updated data from U.S. BLS[6]

Lowest-paying US States for CRNAs

On the other end of the spectrum, the 10 least paying states for CRNAs, have Colorado sitting at the bottom where an annual average salary is $185,860. Another state that pays CRNAs less than $170,000 on average annually is Kansas.

# State Annual CRNA Salary
1 Oklahoma $168,470 per year
2 Kansas $169,410 per year
3 Tennessee $174,170 per year
4 Florida $174,390 per year
5 Louisiana $179,140 per year
6 Arizona $179,730 per year
7 Idaho $181,110 per year
8 Maryland $182,710 per year
9 Mississippi $184,390 per year
10 Colorado $185,860 per year

*source: latest updated data from U.S. BLS[6]

Highest Paying US Cities for CRNAs

To make a more informed decision regarding CRNA job locations in the US, we further zoom in on the map at city-level salary data. Below are the top 10 cities offering the highest CRNA salaries. Leading the list is Omaha, NE, offering $233 per hour. Los Angeles, Dallas, and Houston are popular among CRNAs for averaging salary offerings of around $200 to $150 per hour.

City, State Reported CRNA Salary Per Hour
Omaha, NE $233 per hour
Los Angeles, CA $180 per hour
Dallas, TX $165 per hour
Houston, TX $160 per hour
Fresno, CA $158 per hour
Seattle, WA $157 per hour
Miles City, MT $152 per hour
New York, NY $151 per hour
 Chicago, IL $122 per hour
Memphis, TN $95.98 per hour

*source: indeed[4]

Popular Employers for CRNAs and Their Offered Salaries

CRNAs look for job opportunities based on more than just salary; employer recognition also matters. Especially given the fact that this job is rated a meager 4.2/10 in terms of work-life balance[10]. We have identified some popular employers for CRNAs that balance their business offerings and ratings better than most.

CRNA Employer Average Hourly

CRNA Salary Offered



Connected Health Care, LLC $105 per hour 4.8
Envision Physician Services $113 per hour 3.4
CHRISTUS Health $146 per hour 3.7
NorthStar Anesthesia $158 per hour 2.3
i4 Search Group $159 per hour 4.9
dev $183 per hour 4.2
Cedars-Sinai $186 per hour 4.1
Palm Health Resources $192 per hour 3.2
Nuvia Dental Implant Center $202 per hour 4.2
Ascension $40.98 per hour 3.6

*source: indeed[4]

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CRNA Salary by Career Progression

As you advance in your CRNA career, you’ll take on more responsibilities and earn higher salaries. From starting as a new graduate CRNA with an average salary of $69,000 annually, you can hold senior positions earning around $226,000 annually.

CRNA Career Stage Most Likely
CRNA Annual Salary Range
CRNA Annual Pay Estimate
Assistant Manager of Nursing $69K – $118K per year $89,944 per year
New Grad Registered Nurse $82K – $127K per year $101,998 per year
Registered Nurse $87K – $135K per year $107,910 per year
Assistant Director of Nursing $88K – $137K per year $109,842 per year
Adjunct Registered Nurse $92K – $140K per year $113,487 per year
Senior Registered Nurse $93K – $139K per year $113,586 per year
Registered Nurse Manager $96K – $145Kper year $117,998 per year
Registered Nurse V $98K – $147K per year $119,790 per year
Director of Nursing $104K – $160K per year $128,658 per year
Senior Director of Nursing $118K – $191K per year $150,126 per year
Chief Registered Nurse $129K – $226K per year $170,006 per year

*source: glassdoor[14]

CRNA Salary v/s Other Popular Nursing Jobs

In the comparison of CRNA salaries to other popular nursing roles, CRNAs command the highest average annual salary at $230,781. The salary of CRNAs notably surpasses that of other nursing positions, with a significant difference ranging approximately from 40% to 290% higher than the next highest-paid role.

# Popular Nursing Jobs Average Annual Salary
(Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist)
$230,781 per year
2 Advanced Practice Registered Nurse $116,480 per year
3 Registered Nurse – Operating Room $136,917 per year
4 Licensed Vocational Nurse $75,450 per year
5 Respiratory Therapist $106,349 per year
6 Licensed Practical Nurse $59,341 per year

*source: indeed[4]

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CRNA vs Anesthesiologist Salary

Although both CRNAs and Anesthesiologists administer anesthesia during surgeries, they are different. CRNAs are nurses who specifically provide anesthesia, while anesthesiologists are physicians who can also administer medication (autonomously or with surgeons). Due to the higher qualifications and responsibilities, anesthesiologists generally enjoy higher earning potential than CRNAs.

CRNA Salary Anesthesiologist Salary
Lower End Salary $263,781 per year $163,019 per year
Average Salary $373,603 per year $230,781 per year
Upper End Salary $529,150 per year $326,709 per year

*source: indeed[4]

Travel CRNA Salary

As a travel CRNA, one has the same responsibilities as a regular CRNA, but they work in different medical settings and healthcare facilities on a contract basis for short terms – typically for a few weeks.

Earner’s Distribution Travel CRNA

Annual Salary

Travel CRNA

Monthly Pay

Top Earners $394,500 per year $32,875 per year
75th Percentile $348,000 per year $29,000 per year
Average $259,707 per year $21,642 per year
25th Percentile $190,500 per year $15,875 per year

*source: ZipRecruiter[11]

Does CRNA Salary Justify CRNA Program Costs?

In 2012, a Pubmed study[12] highlighted that for candidates already holding a nursing license, pursuing a nurse anesthesia program is advantageous, while non-nurses may find anesthesia assistant programs more economical. Although figures have changed since then, the sentiment remains similar.

According to All CRNA Schools[13], tuition for Nurse Anesthetist Programs ranges from free to $182,000. Interestingly, the cost of nurse anesthetist school is usually NOT an indicator of the quality of education offered. Rather, it reflects where each school gets its primary funding. with funding sources influencing costs rather than educational quality.

So, basis one’s selection of an economical CRNA school, and also their own skill, confidence, and job opportunities, one can graduate debt-free or pay back loans conveniently, while others may be buried under the burden of big student loans.

Factors Influencing CRNA Salaries

Location-based influence on the pay of CRNA

Associating the figures and regions of state-wise CRNA salary, one begins to see some patterns across the US. Coastal states like California and New York offer higher salaries – which is also reflective of their higher living costs. Northern states such as Connecticut and Minnesota also tend to have higher salaries. Conversely, Southern and Midwestern states tend to offer moderate CRNA salaries due to lower living costs and demand.

Experience-based influence on the pay of CRNA

The stat on CRNA salaries below demonstrates that the higher the seniority level, the higher the salary – as happens usually. Entry-level CRNAs earn $159,061 annually, while senior-level CRNAs – with over 20 years of experience – can rake in over $200,000 per year.

CRNA Experience Level Years in Profession CRNA Salary Range
Entry-Level CRNA < 1 year $159,061 per year
Early-Career CRNA 1-4 years $167,076 per year
Mid-Level CRNA 5-9 years  $183,180 per year
Experienced CRNA 10-19 years  $191,848 per year
Senior-Level CRNA 20+ years $200,014 per year

*source: payscale[7]

Work Setting-based influence on the pay of CRNA

The work setting significantly impacts CRNA salaries. CRNAs in outpatient care centers earn the highest average annual salary at $246,980, followed by those in specialty hospitals and other ambulatory health care services.

Work Settings for CRNAs Average Annual Salary of CRNAs
Outpatient Care Centers $246,980 per year
Specialty Hospitals $230,220 per year
Other Ambulatory Health Care Services $219,790 per year
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $217,570 per year
Physician Offices $200,280 per year

*source: latest updated data from U.S. BLS[6]

Skill-based influence on the pay of CRNA

Your earning potential as a CRNA at work is directly linked to your skillset. Upskilling in gastroenterology can increase your salary by 13%. Other valuable skills include orthopedics, obstetrical anesthesia, ACLS, and general surgery.

CRNA Skill Effect on CRNA Salary
Gastroenterology ▲13%
Operating Room / OR ▲9%
Orthopedics ▲6%
Obstetrical Anesthesia ▲4%
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) ▲4%
General Surgery ▲1%

*source: indeed[4], payscale[7]

Last, but not least, it pays to make the extra effort to stay updated to make the most of the opportunities. It’s highly recommended to keep abreast of all the major news, events, and openings CRNA industry. Do so simply by joining the community of like-minded nursing professionals.

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CRNA Salary Projections

Pulling insights from various sources, the outlook for CRNA salaries appears promising in the US. Per the latest survey of BLS[6], overall employment of nurse anesthetists is projected to skyrocket in the post-covid decade – by 38% in 2022 and 2032. This growth is fueled by around 29,200 projected annual openings. Moreover, according to the U.S. News[1] scorecard on top-paying jobs, the rates for CRNA salaries are quite favorable – 9.2 out of 10. Additionally, SalaryExpert[3] predicts a 12% salary increase over a similar timeframe (2024 – 2029).

Overall it’s an optimistic trajectory for CRNA salary projections in the coming years, albeit with impact from unforeseen economic conditions and healthcare policies.

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Safe to say, CRNA careers is a lucrative one. While location, career stage, and skillset influence earnings, the role demands resilience due to the high-stress nature of the work environment With CRNA salaries ranging from $163,109 – $326,709 annually[4], a projected 38% growth in employment by 2032[6], and a 12% salary increase projection[3] – the financial rewards are attractive. So, for those seeking a fulfilling and secure career in nursing, CRNA presents a promising option.

As you navigate your CRNA journey, stay informed and connected with a supportive community to maximize career growth.


What is the highest-paid CRNA salary?

The highest salary of a CRNA would differ basis different criteria. Location-wise, in California they make the most $246,510 per year on average. Work setting-wise you make the most if you work in Outpatient Care Center at $246,980 on average annually.

What type of nurse makes the most money?

Among nurses, Nurse Anesthetists or CRNAs typically earn the highest salary at $189,000.

How much does an entry-level CRNA make in Florida?

As of 2024, the average weekly pay for an entry-level CRNA in Florida is $1,479[15].

What state has the lowest-paid CRNA?

CRNAs in California earn the highest, with an average salary of $246,510 per year[6].

Which state pays CRNA the most?

Colorado has the lowest-paid CRNAs, with an average annual salary of $185,860[6].




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