medical assisting career
Medical Assisting Career Paths

Behind every great doctor is a great nurse. But behind every great doctor and nurse, you’ll usually find a great medical assistant making their lives, and the lives of patients – a whole lot easier. They are key players on any healthcare team and deliver a wide range of clinical and administrative support to doctors […]

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ultrasound technician
What careers can I pursue as an ultrasound technician?

Considering a career in the healthcare industry and looking to make a positive difference? Exploring the fascinating world of ultrasound technology could be a great option! Careers for  ultrasound technicians are on the rise. So much so, that the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the industry to add an additional 15,000 jobs by 2031. Plus, […]

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career in healthcare
5 Tips for Getting a Fast-Track Career in Healthcare

There are so many different career paths within the healthcare industry, it can be mind-boggling to choose the right one for your future. But if you’re trying to get on the fast-track to earning and want to enter the field sooner than later, the options are narrower.  Now you just need to figure out which […]

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right vet tech program
Tips for Selecting the Right Vet Tech Program

They say that pets are not our whole life – but they can make our life whole. Yes, there’s no question that people love their pets, and they make the world a brighter place. And the healthcare heroes of the animal kingdom, also known as veterinary technician (or vet tech), are an important part of […]

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Non physician jobs
9 High-Paying Non-Physician Jobs in Healthcare

Renowned author Lewis Carroll once said, “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” It sounds like he was describing the positively heroic professionals working in the healthcare industry. And while many folks would instantly equate the term – healthcare hero with […]

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assistant physician careers
Physician Assistant Careers in 2024: Salaries, Specialties, and Paths to Success

It’s safe to say that if doctors and nurses were the only healthcare professionals out there treating patients, there would be a lot less patients getting the care they need – when they need it. Enter the physician assistant (PA). Elite members of a healthcare team, these passionate professionals work under the supervision of licensed […]

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Careers in Occupational Therapy in 2024: Opportunities, Salaries, and Paths to Success

If you had to describe what the field of occupational therapy is all about, you could sum it up with one sentence: the art of helping others help themselves. Yes, these healthcare heroes spend their lives helping people with physical, developmental, or emotional disabilities find ways to overcome the challenges they face to lead happier, […]

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