nursing career
Tips for Transitioning to a Nursing Career

Switching jobs can be stressful. But a whole career change? Let’s not even begin with how overwhelming that can be! Nobody really wants to be stuck at a job they don’t like or a job they don’t find fulfilling anymore. So be it switching jobs, fields or even entire careers, it can be a necessary […]

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advocacy in nursing
Role of Advocacy in Nursing

Navigating the healthcare scenario can be difficult for patients and loved ones, especially considering the vulnerability and stress of their immediate situation. In these cases, having someone who knows their way around the system looking out for your best interests can truly be a blessing. This is where nurse advocates come in. While caring for […]

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Tips for Creating a Professional Resume for Nurses

Whether you’re a nursing student, a registered nurse or a specialized DNP, your resume can be a make-or-break component of your career trajectory! Your resume conveys your professional image even before you have the chance to interact with your potential employer. Your resume can help you stand out amidst thousands of applicants if its constructed […]

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diverse nurses
Diversity in the Nursing Profession

Nurses carry the modern healthcare community on their back (quite literally)! Filling so many shoes of caregiver, advocate and medical professional at the same time, nurses work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of patients. Since the ancient times, this profession, although it formally didn’t exist as such until Florence Nightingale came along, has been regarded […]

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healthcare podcasts
Podcasts Every Healthcare Professional Should Listen To

What’s the easiest and most convenient way to stay updated as a nurse? Let’s face it, you don’t really have the time to read numerous books to stay updated about the latest details in the healthcare sector. You’re already busy enough taking care of your patients, without having the menial task of manually researching on […]

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nursing jobs
Emerging Healthcare Job Trends to Watch in 2024

Have you ever wondered what healthcare jobs will look like in the future? In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, staying ahead of the curve is essential for both professionals and organizations. Technology continues to develop in varying fields, and healthcare is one such field. As we move into 2024, the healthcare industry is taking a […]

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Holistic care in nursing
Holistic Approaches to Nursing: Mind, Body and Spirit in Patient Care

It’s safe to say that when it comes to treating patients suffering from illness or injury, there is more to providing compassionate nursing care than meets the eye. Nurses must consider a wide range of factors to deliver the best possible care to patients in need. Factors such as an individual’s psychological state, culture, and […]

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nursing degree
Tips for Pursuing Advanced Degrees in Nursing

Making big career decisions can be daunting. Some decisions can just test the limits of your comfort zone, while others can push you headfirst into uncharted territory. But, at the end of the day, these decisions are unavoidable. They’re like stepping stones to help you climb the career ladder, especially in a field as dynamic […]

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critical care nurses
Being a Critical Care Nurse: Code Blue and Beyond

Hospitals see all sorts of patients every day. Some of them may just stroll through the doors for a consult. But then there are others who need to be wheeled in on a gurney needing urgent support. In life-threatening situations like this, patients need round-the-clock attention from a special category of healthcare heroes – the […]

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mental health
Mental Health Awareness for Nurses: Coping with Stress and Building Resilience

It’s safe to say that nurses are the healthcare heroes who hold the threads that weave together the resilient tapestry of patient care. Translation – nurses are the first line of defense for people facing injuries or a myriad of health issues. It’s for that very reason it is so critical to prioritize the physical […]

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