nursing associate degree
How to Choose Specialized Courses for Nurse Specialties

Nurses are an essential part of the healthcare system. Their presence is required in every step of the way to ensure a patient’s well-being. Therefore, nurses are needed in every branch of the medical field. There are different types of nurses in different positions across different fields and each position requires specific kinds of qualifications […]

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nursing careers
Nursing Careers Outside the Hospital

The nursing profession is incredibly versatile. It has the potential to suit individuals with differing interests. Nurses are hired in a plenty of roles and are required to perform a variety  of duties in addition to caring for patients. As healthcare emergencies are fairly common, a lot of places also like to have a medical […]

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nurses in media
Media Script Nurses: Nurses Behind the Big and Small Screens

Medical dramas and films abound the screens today and are one of the most popular sub-genres of visual entertainment. Shows like ‘House’, ‘Chicago Med’, ‘The Good Docter’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ have become fan-favourites and have aired on television for years. These long running shows owe the credit of their success to balancing medical knowledge with […]

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psychiatric nursing
Psychiatric Nursing: Professional Care in Mental Health

Psychiatric mental health nurses (PMHNs) are registered nurses who are specially trained to ensure the mental wellbeing of patients. They form an important part of the medical personnel community specializing in mental health. A study published in Sage Journals records that they are the “second largest group of behavioral health professionals in the United States.” […]

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rn network
Networking in Nursing: Tips for Professional Development

The word ‘networking’ instantly prompts images of stiff business suits, bar graphs and terms like ‘profit maximization.’ However, it is not necessary for the networking scenarios to be limited to conference halls or offices with floor to ceiling windows. They can play out in a golf course, a nail salon, a café and even a […]

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self care for nurses
Self-Care Habits for Nurses to Avoid Burnout

The nursing profession is just as demanding as it is fulfilling. It can be taxing mentally and physically to balance work and life. Owing to factors like staff shortages, most nurses are also overworked, often needing to work long shifts. The immense stress resulting from this can cause burnout in the long run, affecting mental […]

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travel nurse
Nursing Specialties for the Travel Bug Nurse

The nursing profession is incredibly extensive today thanks to the progress of modern healthcare. Nurses now have a plethora of opportunities to choose from so that they can find roles that suit them better professionally and personally. These roles can eventually contribute to job satisfaction and allow nurses to have a more fulfilling career. Different […]

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nursing career
Tips for Transitioning to a Nursing Career

Switching jobs can be stressful. But a whole career change? Let’s not even begin with how overwhelming that can be! Nobody really wants to be stuck at a job they don’t like or a job they don’t find fulfilling anymore. So be it switching jobs, fields or even entire careers, it can be a necessary […]

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advocacy in nursing
Role of Advocacy in Nursing

Navigating the healthcare scenario can be difficult for patients and loved ones, especially considering the vulnerability and stress of their immediate situation. In these cases, having someone who knows their way around the system looking out for your best interests can truly be a blessing. This is where nurse advocates come in. While caring for […]

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Tips for Creating a Professional Resume for Nurses

Whether you’re a nursing student, a registered nurse or a specialized DNP, your resume can be a make-or-break component of your career trajectory! Your resume conveys your professional image even before you have the chance to interact with your potential employer. Your resume can help you stand out amidst thousands of applicants if its constructed […]

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